Monthly Archives: March 2013

Have Family Courts gone Insane?

“It is high-time that we put some sanity back into this system. It is high-time we move the basis of our Family Laws from a flawed and tragic history of prejudice and discrimination to one of Fundamental Rights for Parents and for Children and recognition that those are rarely in conflict.” Our book proposes a…

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Parents Have Rights and Expect their Attorneys to Protect and Preserve those Rights

Okay, so you have read Chapter 1 of our new book that we posted on this blog, now what? This book is not just a bunch of arguments being layered into the current system. It is not just another band-aid. It is a complete re-thinking of the family law approach, based on a fundamental rights…

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Hope for Parents

Here is a preview from a parental rights book that we have been working on to provide more tools and empower parents and their attorneys in divorce custody battles (we are not attorneys ourselves and do not offer this as legal advice, we share this with you for informational purposes only, and recommend that you…

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