Monthly Archives: April 2016

Governor Rick Scott being told to Veto the Equal Parenting and Alimony Reform Bill in Florida

Governor Rick Scott of Florida has 14 days to decide whether or not he will sign a bill that includes an equal parenting presumption and alimony reform. Women’s organizations and some law firms for women are opposing the bill because of the equal parenting presumption. Aside from this being a battle of the genders, which…

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Letter to House and Senate Representatives on Equal Parental Rights

Finally we have a form letter that you can use in any state to inform your state representatives, house and senators, that you are no longer going to tolerate the unconstitutional family laws, and that you are doing something about it! This letter summarizes 10 complaints that you can make in a declaratory judgment at…

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Is There a Limit to How much Child Support can be Taken from My Paycheck?

You can go to jail for not paying child support. We all know that. But did you know that you can go to jail while you are paying child support? Friday, a father in El Paso, Texas, April 1, 2016, was arrested at the courthouse while filing for a temporary restraining order against the mother for…

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