Monthly Archives: July 2016

Libelous Post

We have recently been the victims of a libelous post by someone who is seeking to get people to join a class action suit by “guaranteeing” that they will win in court. We will not name that person here as we do not want to unintentionally steer desperate parents into something we believe to less…

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U. S. Attorney General Agrees that Parents Are Not Being Treated Right in Family Courts

The department of justice agrees that parents and children are not being served justice in the family courts, that parents should not be put into debtor’s prisons, that unlawful and harmful practices were taking place, and that their constitutional rights are being violated. They suggested that family law reform take place. While this letter provides…

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Why Didn’t We Do a Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action lawsuits require you to be dependent on attorneys to argue them? We did not choose this route. Why would we? Why would we trust that there would be any attorneys who know how to argue your rights when they have proven not to know how to do this already? Most attorneys don’t even…

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