NOT in the Child's Best Interest

It isn’t very often that a book makes a breakthrough like this one. The author of this book, Ron B Palmer and Sherry Palmer, are known for his insight and uncanny ability to break down the most complex processes and get to the heart of the problems preventing justice.

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Parents all of this country and discovering that they have more power than they thought.

This book will show you how your constitutional rights translate into equal parental rights, what they are and where they come from. It will show you how divorce courts are able to violate your rights at will and how your rights give you the power to challenge this. Most importantly, this book will show you how to put a stop to this travesty.

Your right to the care, custody, control, and association with your child is a fundamental liberty, just as your right to free speech is, or your right to freedom of religion is a fundamental liberty. Your child has the fundamental right to associate with you and to have you as a parent, not a visitor, in their life. You and your child have privacy rights in your family life that are between you and your child regardless of your marital status. You have a right to make decisions that differ from what a judge or your ex feel is best for your child. You have a right to choose what kind of relationship you have with the other parent, that means not getting along, and still keeping equal parenting. These rights belong to you and your child as individuals. They do not come from the marriage, and if you are a natural parent, they do not come from the government.

Since many readers might be disenchanted with lawyers after not being told about these rights, it is noteworthy that Ron B Palmer and Sherry Palmer are not lawyers. It is expressly their personal experience with the legal system as a non-lawyer that should resonate with many parents and should reassure readers who would otherwise discredit a book written strictly by lawyers.

Ron and Sherry’s experiences from outside the judicial system complement their skill in overcoming biases and prejudices embedded in the culture and adopted by attorneys into their current practices hiding the unconstitutional practices leading to today’s destruction of the family, separating children from their parents and leading to unequal and unjust parenting plans. Also their own pro se experiences as well as experience working with several hundreds of parents and attorneys from coast to coast, bringing you a complete and perfect harmony of unbiased, transparent, and effective information that can be used to navigate the often perilous legal waters. As far as we know, it is the only legal resource with this unique synergistic combination of authority and insight in family law.

Providing such a complete picture of the family law practice in relation to parental rights is optimal in helping people like you who may someday face the financial and mental strain of a civil and quasi-criminal lawsuit in family law. Child Custody lawsuits can instantly shatter your world, especially if you are the victim of an unjust case. Furthermore, with state and local governments now in financial distress, and with federal incentives there are other relatively important factors that create the perfect recipe where you may similarly fall victim.

For example, the incentive to issue unequal parenting time and order child support and alimony for fit and loving parents, improperly triggered and unconstitutionally unjustified, and to generate income under the guise of justice directly and indirectly from other sources. With the preceding in mind, this is one of the few prescriptive nonfiction books that can certainly save you money and possibly save your life.

If you live in America, the legal system is almost certain to negatively impact you at some point. This book offers compelling protection from a family court system that will otherwise ignore your all-powerful authority. It avoids utopianism and instead provides realistic eye-opening insight into the way your rights are supposed to be applied and protect you. This book is the almighty solution to legal problems experienced in family law.

Learn how to survive a divorce, prevent bankruptcy, fight criminal accusations, false allegations resolve parental disagreements and other issues without the necessity of expensive investigations and adversarial litigation, and much more, despite our wildly corrupt U.S. legal system.

There is no better resource anywhere in the nation to be used as a preventative aid to protect you from the system or, worst-case, to be used as a remedial tool to assist you if you are already entangled in it. And there is no better time than during the COVID-19 quarantine to study this information and protect yourself from any additional chaos that may ensue following this epidemic.

★★★★★ “Must Have!!!” – Amazon reviewer

★★★★★ “A Must Read if You’re About to Enter into a Custody Battle or Are Already Engaged … This book is a goldmine of case law and legal foundation on the subject of parental rights. I read this book cover to cover, took what I learned into my own court case, and prevailed. Highly recommended and a great investment! ” – Amazon reviewer

★★★★★ ” It helped me recognize my individual rights as a parent and those of my children. I used it as a reference to prepare for my case. The material helped me formulate my defense and helped me express clearly why both fit parents couldn’t share their responsibilities of raising their children without a third party interfering in their constitutional and natural rights.” – Amazon reviewer

★★★★★ “Highly recommended if you have a divorce/child custody dispute. Read this FIRST before doing anything. You have rights, don’t let the corrupt family lawyers tell you otherwise. The entire system is built to exploit kids and parent’s fears and take all their money.” – Amazon reviewer

★★★★★ ” A must for ANY parent in a custody proceeding, no matter how “friendly” things are.” – Amazon reviewer

★★★★★ ” This is a well researched and well-written book that gives hope for making changes and winning your case, has many excellent arguments to use and has given me hope in my own case. In fact, it has been a very educational read and even my attorney was unaware of some of the points made in the book. Most importantly, the authors continue to educate on their website. It’s clear they have a passion for making much-needed changes and they have been a huge resource. ” – Amazon reviewer

To parents in the United States: we cannot emphasize enough how critical this book is to you… whether you realize it yet or not. Don’t make the huge mistake of thinking that because you have an attorney that you aren’t going to be sucked into the legal system.

Being protected beforehand is far better than trying to repair the damage afterward. Protect yourself and your loved ones now. Purchase one or more copies here.

Will you be prepared, not if, but when the legal system strikes? Get your copy of NOT in the Child’s Best Interest now.

Beginner's Guide to Simplified Parental Rights

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This book helps you learn the reason behind the words, the importance of each section, and gives you a straightforward constitutional amendment that makes sense and provides the protection you aren’t getting now but have been entitled to all along.


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