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New Child Custody Enforcement Bill Filed in Texas Today HB 3883

Texas Representative James White has filed another powerful bill in the Texas Legislature this 85th session, HB 3883, relating to interference with possession or access to a child, with penalties. Noncustodial parents have been having difficulty enforcing their possession time with their children. It’s expensive and they couldn’t get help from law enforcement or the…

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ABA Says Child Support Program exists because of Deadbeat Dads

The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) says that Child Support is “good” for children and their most successful program to date. And one of the writers on the ABA blog writes that child support “IV-D only exists because of deadbeats…” But they don’t take a look at the destructive practices that this accomplishment drives.…

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Eeny Meeny Miny Moe – Enforcement Unequal Treatment

A father is facing felony charges for recording a custody conference and then posting it on Facebook. “I wanted to show people that the court was acting corruptly,” Cline said Monday in a phone interview. “They weren’t fighting fair. They’re doing everything they can so I can’t have my kids.””1 Do you blame this father…

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