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Joint Custody Bill HB 4691 Passes Committee and Prohibits Parents From Living More Than 80 Miles Apart

H.B. 4691 Michigan Joint Custody Bill passes 6-3. Republicans for the bill and Democrats against. Many states are commending themselves for passing bills they call joint custody, shared, parenting, or equal parenting bills. But what is really going on and what do these really mean. Let’s take a little closer look at 4691. It’s a…

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Texas Legislative Equal Parenting Packet

You can get this packet for free from The National Family Law Policy Center here. Take with you when you are discussing why and how equal parenting protects children.

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Prove to Me Why You Should Get 50/50…

Are the days of having to prove why you deserve equal custody of your child coming to an end? Looking through the history of the child custody laws in the state of Washington, you might not think so. Over the years, Washington residents have had several changes to their child custody statutes and no doubt…

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