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Status Quo in Family Code Statutes are Going to Have to Change

This is a continuation of the last blog I wrote yesterday on how the Standard Possession order statutes managed to turn into minimum possession orders and weaved their way through the Family Code in Texas to whittle away at parental rights. So we have written 4 new Bills that several people are carrying to the…

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Appellate Judge in Texas Believes that Clear and Convincing Evidence is Required in SAPCR

Judge Puryear, a Texas appellate court judge, believes that preponderance of the evidence standard is too low for determining infringement of the care, custody, and control of a child. PROPERTY RECEIVES MORE PROTECTION IN FAMILY COURT THAN CHILDREN! Judge Puryear states that property receives more protection than a parent-child relationship by the family courts currently.…

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Best Interest of the Child Senate Bill Fact Sheet

The National Family Law Policy Center evaluated and published their review of the newest Texas Senate Bill 816¬†sponsored by Senator Campbell affecting the Best Interest of the Child Statute. The Policy Center’s evaluation states that the “new text in the proposed bill appears to improve conditions for parents,” however, “it perpetuates presumptions that have been…

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