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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

Protecting Parental Rights Master Class

The Constituonal rights of family members and limitations on divorce court actions

Day 1: Introduction

9 min 47 sec

Welcome. I know that if you have found yourself here you are going through a whole other level of stress. Facing child support enforcement. This means that you might also be facing the threat of jail. 

You don’t have any time to waste. So to get started, want to remind you of a couple of things. This class is not everything that you need when facing a hearing to enforce child support. This class will provide you with additional information about rights that are not being protected. You need to know these rights if you ever want them to be respected and protected. 

Start with reading the Motion arguments below in the reader. 

Then watch the video webinar that we taught on this motion.

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Day 1: Introduction

1 hour 30 min 22 sec

Click on the module arrow to the left of this text and watch the Ability to Pay motion webinar. You should read the motion above this video module. But if you cannot handle all of that reading yet, go ahead and watch the video anyway, and then go back to the motion. 

After you do this go to the next section of this class.

Day 1: Introduction

9 min 47 sec

Class content is coming soon.

Read the orange book here and pay close attention to the section on the child support issue: Then come back to this class page. 

Ron B Palmer Photograph

Ron B Palmer


Ron is a master at incorporating constitutional protections into family law. He is an accomplished expert in operations frameworks and standards, economics, and unique strategic solutions. Family law is a broken system based on outdated, biased, prejudiced and often even bigoted presumptions about the most basic relationships of our society. In this course, you will not just learn about your rights, with Ron’s cut-through-the-bull style you will learn how to adapt them to your case, how to use them to get the maximum protections, and get the best outcomes possible for you and your child.

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