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An Adoptee’s Journey

Michelle Spear found that adoptees were the only ones not allowed to get their original birth certificates without requesting permission from a court. Nobody else had to do this. With today’s new laws preventing terrorism it has become even more important for everyone to have access to their original birth certificate. Adoptees might have difficulty getting a passport without an original and adoptees have no way to discover health related conditions that might run in the family. Essentially, adoptees are the only ones who don’t have a right to their own identity. Michelle’s journey is not at an end now that this bill has passed into law, but rather it is just beginning. Listen to Michelle tell you about how she became involved with legislation having no prior experience with the legislature or politics. 

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Episode 1: A Mother’s Story on Mother’s Day

Drama – 2021 – United States

Episode 2: Michelle Spears HF855 Adoptee Birth Certificate Legislative Bill Becomes Law

Drama – 2021 – United States

Episode 3: COMING SOON — Interview with Representative Ann Meyer

Drama – 2021 – United States


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Attorney Rosanne Plante answers your questions about Iowa Family Law Reform.

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