Are you being asked to give up rights to your child, agree to less than equal time, and told you should agree to paying child support because the other parent will not agree to a 50/50 split? Is your attorney telling you that it is going to cost you 3, 5, or 10,000 dollars to retain and fight back with no idea how much this will really cost you?

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Rights are Fundamental
Rights are Individual
Right to care, custody, and Control
Right to be free from unwanted government interference
Right to educate child
Right to Family Association
Right to establish a home & raise a child
Right to be presumed fit
Right to be Primary decision maker for child
Right to freedom from invasive family studies
Rights not dependent upon marriage
Right to equal treatment as a fit parent to all other fit parents
Right to demand proof before the state interferes
Children share these rights
ALL courts are limited by the U.S. Constitution
No fishing expeditions
No compelled testimony
Due Process: Substantive | Procedural
Equal Protection | Invidious Classification
Rights in conflict

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