Oath Breakers

By Ron B Palmer


a Family Law book

Did the courts cut you out of your child’s life and tell you that you had no rights that protect you? Did your state deputize the other parent to use state power to limit your time and rights with your child, turn you into a weekend visitor, and a paycheck? This book shows you how parents are state actors and are subject to being sued for using the color of state laws to interfere with your fundamental parental rights.

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Ronald B Palmer

Ron Palmer found himself thrust into divorce conflicts after a family he met became embroiled in the dangerous practices of the family courts. He had become friends with this family and their children. Soon he found himself standing watch over the family after the police and the courts not only failed to provide protection from the domestic violence, but also separated the children from their mother. He watched the mother go from being abused by her husband to being abused by the courts. This book is to help you understand the roles of your ex and the courts and to hold them accountable. This book helps you put the pieces together so when you are suing your ex or your ex is suing you in divorce, you can position yourself properly in your litigation.

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Book - Protecting Parent-Child Bonds - Proposed 28th Amendment

Protecting Parent Child Bonds; 28th Amendment

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There’s a saying that when you’re playing in someone else’s arena, you have to play by their rules. Unfortunately, being pro per in divorce court, and playing by their rules, means the odds are always stacked against you. In my divorceĀ  case, this was certainly true as I was slowly, but steadily, losing ground, and I was unwilling to play dirty as my spouse and opposing counsel did. Sherry and Ron’s material helps you shift to a more favorable arena. It has shifted my entire outlook and perspective. I now walk into court more calm and confident. I think that new attitude is helping turn the tide.

– a Father in California, January 2020

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Available Aug 16, 2022

First Amendment in Family Law


Attorney guide for applying First Amendment rights to family law.

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