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Are you being forced to give in to an agreement you can’t really live with?

If you are ready to start living life again and need some help making sense of the family court process and want more control over how your money is spent, you are in the right place at the right time.

Easy to follow lessons. easy to find topics.

Choose the topic that fits the problem that is nagging you. Is child support driving you into poverty? Do you want more time with your child but told that you work too much?

We make it easy for you to find the information you need when you need it. Click the issue that you are going through and take that class. 

Access your class from anywhere there is internet access, and anytime.

Never be without your resource and get your questions answered more quickly with information that is compiled in a way that you can search it quickly and locate the most frequently needed tools parents have wanted when they were in the courtoom, in their attorney’s office, or just couldn’t sleep that night and needed information.

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Classes that put you back in the driver’s seat in life.

– The Challenge Series –

Restoring Justice

Challenge Best Interest

Challenge Child support

Navigating the family court process

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This is more than just a class, this is a way of life, a movement towards independence from family court takeover of your life. Parents have become dependent on attorneys who are participating in abusive legal practices. These classes restore justice and fairness into the court process where parents and children are entitled to be protected from one parent’s anger and wrath.



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Child Support Webinar on Inability to Pay

Child Support Webinar on Inability to Pay

Today, we launch a new webinar to help parents who are not getting help from their attorneys. “Did you know that once every 13 seconds a person is divorced in the United States? And, did you know that divorce is the #1 reason for adult suicide? Your marriage might be...

Montana Supreme Court Agrees child Support Law Unconstitutional

Montana Supreme Court Agrees child Support Law Unconstitutional

Montana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a law passed in 1997 was a violation of separation of powers and allowed Judge Buyske's ruling to stand. Judge Buyske ruled the statute unconstitutional after the Executive branch had threatened to alter a child support amount...

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