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  • Save thousands of dollars by not having to pay your attorney to study, research, and try to create arguments this good
  • Cut months and years of delays out of the process
  • Learn what is costing you and where you can cut expenses
  • Get support and guidance through the process
  • Learn what your rights can do for you
  • Learn how to use your rights
  • Appeal arguments and see sample appeal briefs argument
  • Avoid common and not-so-common pitfalls
  • Disrupt parental alienation
  • Beat supervised visitation
  • Overcome objections
  • Survive legal abuse
  • Challenge child support, alimony, spousal maintenance when ordered without proper due process
  • Be prepared, organized, and stay in control
  • Avoid becoming just another statistic
  • Avoid bankrupting yourself by learning the mistakes that take you there
  • Get better outcomes — build better parenting plans and final orders
  • Fight for justice

Let your membership fill in the gaps your attorney doesn’t. Don’t become just another statistic. Even if you are beyond this stage, sometimes reverse engineering your case and putting a new set of eyes and changing your perspective can open up new options, making decisions easier and your life a whole lot better.

What can you expect on this subject:

What is the process like?

What can I expect?

Common things attorneys do.

Dealing with an unreasonable or narcissistic ex.

What is going to happen?

What questions should I ask my attorney?

Creating a roadmap and charting your course so you can stay on course.

Know your options

Where to go from here.


Learn how to reframe your case!

Shut down Best interests of the child, which is nothing more than the judge’s personal opinion!

Focus your case on the rights to custody which you and your child are entitled to!

Learn to counter the judge’s negative comments about your rights!

Learn how to demand that your state judge exercise his federal jurisdiction to protect your federal constitutonal rights!

Learn how to object properly so that your judge sees that you are preparing to have him overturned on appeal if he violates your rights!

Learn how asserting your child’s rights helps you!

Learn how to demonstrate that the Court is violating your child’s rights, which means the court is NOT acting in your child’s best interests!

Learn how to correct mistakes you made at the trial!

Learn how to set up for an appeal by timely filing post trial motions!

Learn why your written orders might not come automatically!

Learn how to stop the other side from changing the written orders to something other than what the court actually ordered!

Learn how not to get further screwed after the trial!

You need to prepare for appeal before your trial for best results!

You need to enter objections during trial and after trial to preserve issues for appeal!

If you don’t raise issues at trial, you likely will not be able to appeal on those issues, learn how to get the proper issues introduced properly!

Learn the difference between appealing based on errors of fact and errors of law!

Learn how to be much more effective on your appeal!

If you are pro-se or even if you have an attorney, there are many things you need to know to perform well or to ensure your attorney performs well. 

Learn how to enter evidence, and why the judge isn’t accepting your evidence!

Learn how to counter things the other side or the judge says!

Learn how to object and why it is so important!

Learn how to get your orders entered!

Learn how the legal system works in detail!

Learn the differences between state and federal courts!

Learn why federal removal will NOT work for you!

Learn why you cannot sue your judge in federal court!

Learn the lies that family courts tell to keep you from stopping their illegal behavior!

Videos you can listen to while you are driving, cooking, cleaning, or on breaks at work that teach you how to build a foundation you and your attorney can build off of and follow.

Learn your rights and how they protect you and your child at your own pace during your busy schedule.

Learn how to organize your case information and impress your attorney by having your evidence at your fingertips or use pro se.***

Access books with caselaw and explanations on how they apply to family law without having to buy each one separately.

Search for the topic or case you need in an instant while in court or your attorney's office.**

Get answers at your fingertips instantly.

Watch groundbreaking video classes online anytime, as often as you want, whenever your want, on demand on protecting your equal parental rights and your child's rights.

Support for how and why shared parenting is the required starting point.

Read all of our books online without having to buy each book separately. Have them available digitally at your fingertips so you can easily find caselaw when you need it, from the courtroom or in your attorney's office.**

You will learn how to take control of your case before it controls the rest of your life.

You will learn how to create parenting plans that you can live and grow with.

Learn how to argue your rights arguments in APPEAL.

You will learn how to re-build after divorce.

Learn strategy, how to re-frame your case, create your blueprint and succeed!

Get research tips!

Get flow charts!

Get organization tips!

Learn how to simplify your case, know what evidence is relevant, how to create a roadmap and use it.

Learn the most effective ways to end "Court-Induced Parental Alienation™"

Learn how to avoid what drives you into bankruptcy, parental alienation, and erasing you from your child's life.

Learn how to win child custody for one low price!*

Learn how to reduce the cost of discovery and eliminate unnecessary expensive evaluations and court-appointed experts, psych evals, custody evals, custody studies, appointment of a GAL or amicus, parent evaluator, etc.

. . .and a whole lot more!

All for one low monthly price. Your price will be locked in at this rate as long as you stay a continuous member.

We are constantly adding new information and tools to help you achieve your child custody goals and protect your legal rights.*

With this membership get access to the information attorneys do not want you to know . . .

. . . judges try to ignore. Save you from family court costing you thousands more dollars.

With this membership get access to the most cutting edge and most up-to-date developments in family law regarding your quest to win child custody for one low price!

Watch groundbreaking video classes on protecting yourself and your child from family law abuses. Watch as often as you want, whenever you want, on demand.


*There are never any guarantees in court, so we cannot guarantee that you will win.

**Access requires internet connection.

***We suggest that all pro se litigants seek the assistance and help of an attorney for their legal technical expertise on all work that you produce from the information that you get from us, our website, and our materials.

DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys, do not practice law, and are not a substitute for an attorney. We are required to tell you to seek the advice of an attorney for questions about your rights. You are responsible for making sure that this information applies to your individual case. We do not prepare your case for you. We are not responsible for your results.