Motions Package 1


This is the most comprehensive package available today for you to protect your equal rights. These sample motions assert your fundamental rights in family court. This package saves you time and money. Now you and your attorney can spend your time working the specific facts of your case into the constitutional arguments. As a bonus, you don’t have to pay your attorney thousands of dollars to craft the constitutional arguments. Most of them screw it up when they try anyway. These motions keep them on track.

Use these motions to take back control of your life. Use these motions to save you thousands of dollars. The content in these motions re-frame and re-set the wrong presumptions that your court is making. These motions will guide your attorney, and help your attorney reset their own presumptions. There is advanced training available to assist your attorney with arguing that you have the right to be free from the family court abusive process. Get the motions and get access to the training.

This comprehensive package costs less than the $400 or more that seasoned attorney’s charge for an hour of their time. Recreating each individual motion in this package would require dozens of hours of your attorney’s time, after they have done the many hundreds of hours of research necessary to formulate the arguments. You get much better results and much more for you money by providing these motions to your attorney as a starting point. Who wouldn’t want to have such a massive head start on their case?

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