Parental Alienation Workshop CIPA


This is the Court-Induced Parental Alienation (CIPA) workshop taught by Sherry Palmer.


(Last Updated On: June 18, 2020)

This Court-Induced Parental Alienation (CIPA) workshop teaches formulas created by Sherry Palmer used to create a visual map of the parental alienation process in order to identify +how and where the trauma is inflicted.

You will learn ways to be more effective with your litigation,.

You will learn how to communicate the trauma to your legislators.

You will learn how to address this with educators and other first responders.

You will leave this workshop with confidence, direction, and clarity.

You will leave this workshop with a roadmap to start you on your path to healing from the legal assault and trauma suffered from the legal system.

You will leave this workshop with tools to help you make better decisions.

Come to this workshop and learn how to protect your child and you from further legal abuse.