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Rights Made Simple Wordel

Rights Made Simple

This is a one page simplified argument in support of your constitutional rights as a parent with numerous cited Supreme Court cases. This is a great starting place for you to learn your rights.

Case Law

There are some important Supreme Court cases that all parents should know about. We list several of the most important and explain a bit about them. If you are getting started learning about your rights make sure you read this page.

Case Law
Break Free

Free External Resources

We provide a number of resources that are free for anybody to use. We provde links to some of the free resources we use every day. If you are serious about protecting your own rights then you need to be using these resources.

Video Posts

Much of the free training we provide is video based. Here you can access some of the videos we have posted.

Video Splash
Other Professionals

Other Professionals

On this page you will find those professionals with whom we have worked in the past and with whom we are comfortable referring you to. You can access their sites from this page.

Texas Judicial Resources

On this page you will find some of the key sources of information regarding the Texas judiciary, its constitution, and statutes.

Texas Judiciary Resources