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Hope for Parents

Here is a preview from a parental rights book that we have been working on to provide more tools and empower parents and their attorneys in divorce custody battles (we are not attorneys ourselves and do not offer this as legal advice, we share this with you for informational purposes only, and recommend that you…

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TYLA free Divorce Decree Template

When you file for a divorce it is important to know what the final result looks like. Knowing this can be very helpful in getting your divorce finalized and off of the battlefield. Once your soon-to-be ex-spouse knows that none of her/his complaints about you that don’t rise to the level of breaking laws, and…

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Identifying Patterns of Alienator Parent in terms of Best Practices For District Courts

IDENTIFYING PATTERNS OF AN ALIENATOR PARENT IN TERMS OF BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES THAT DISTRICT COURTS CAN USE (I didn’t have my children this Labor Day weekend so I worked on helping other parents protect their children from losing them.) This is a work in progress. EDUCATION AND AWARENESS TO THE COURT ALIENATION IS A PATTERNED…

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