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Your Rights are not Dependent on the Legislature!

“Ultimately all judicial power rests with the Supreme Court of the United States. They are the final arbiter of all judicial issues.” The three branches of government are set up as co-equal branches of government so that no one branch of our government can rule over the others. “Our founders didn’t want any part of…

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How can You Challenge the Judge in Family Court?

He who is without words is powerless. Ever Find Yourself Without the Proper Words? You have a lot to make a stand on in a child custody battle. Certainly more than you knew. And you are not alone when you have the knowledge of those before you. You have more power than you had without…

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Response to Ica Iova’s “Living Apart But Still A Family”

The following is a response to a very good article written by Ica Iova called “Living Apart But Still A Family” located at Broken Home Society. True most parents are unable to agree after divorce. This however is not grounds for a court to allow the other parent to torture and terrorize you or require you…

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