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Guardian ad Litems can Cost you Your Child Custody Case.

Another word for Guardian ad Litem, could be EXPLORATORY SEARCH! This is not something you want to subject yourself, your child, or your pocketbook to. The actual definition of Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is “a person appointed by a court as guardian of an infant or other person to act on his or her behalf in a particular action or proceeding.” (dictionary.com) APPOINTING A GAL If a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is assigned in your case, you need to know some…

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Avoid Bad Advice that Destroys your Rights and Your Children’s Rights

Are you following advice of someone asking the courts to cost you more money? Be aware of what you ask for? Tina Swithin’s letter, is it another Rabbit Hole? I saw a letter early this morning on One Mom’s Battle[i] and was appalled. She’s telling congressmen that she doesn’t want fair rulings and she doesn’t…

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