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What do you do when there is no attorney that knows how to protect you?    

Have you ever been told, “Well you had an attorney didn’t you? So what are you complaining about?” You are treated like that was enough, like that was sufficient. And then they look at you funny and act like they don’t understand why you are complaining. They act confused about why you didn’t like the…

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It’s the Parent’s Fault? Are Divorce Courts Causing Harm to America’s Children?

It’s the Parent’s Fault? What if your child is against you? What if your child does not want to live with you? What happens when the court places your child in a position to choose between parents? Does this warrant marginalizing a parent?  Does it really matter what it is labeled? Not really. The result…

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Are Child Custody Rulings in Divorce Based on Personal Preference? One Judge Says they Are.

We reviewed the S.C. Supreme Court case Adoptive Parents v. Baby Girl and asked the question, Do U.S. Courts Protect Indian Children Better than they Protect non-Indian Children? We came to the conclusion that many of the same reasons that they created the ICWA[i], also exist in divorce cases. Judge Garfinkel, in a letter he wrote…

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