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Hassellhoff Wants his Ex to Get a Job so He Can Stop Paying Spousal Support

David Hassellhoff has paid over 2.5 million in alimony. He has paid since 2006. Recently he filed to have the spousal maintenance eliminated stating that his ex-wife, Pamela, has failed to improve her job skills and is not seeking employment. Why has this argument failed for so many parents in family court in the past?…

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Are the State’s Rendering Parents Indentured Servants after Divorce? Child support, Alimony, Spousal Maintenance. Where do we Draw the Line?

Further research is revealing that child support may not be constitutional either in many cases. (Keep in mind that we are not attorneys and are only sharing information with you as we understand it as laymen and are sharing for political reasons as well as we have a right to challenge intrusions in our lives…

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