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Will the Constitution help Kelly Rutherford bring her children back from France to the U.S.?

I think not! Kelly Rutherford was on CBS last night because she claims she lost a custody battle in the family law trial courts to the father who now lives in France.[i] Might I remind you that she has 50/50 custody and as Robert Franklin, esq. (writer for Nationalparents.org) so aptly put it, “…50% custody…

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Do Florida divorce and child custody laws violate the U.S. Constitution?

I’ve recently had reason to review the divorce, child-custody, and alimony statutes of Florida, and I have come away with a strong belief that these statutes are unconstitutional as written. If you have read my book or my other blog posts, then you are aware that the U.S. Constitution has been interpreted by the Supreme…

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