By: Ron Palmer | December 31, 2018 | Last modified August 14, 2021

It is common for judge’s to predicate infringing a parent’s fundamental parental rights because that parent disagrees with or can’t get along with the other parent. These judges are declaring that a parent’s fundamental rights depend upon their refraining from speech that the other parent may disagree with. In other words, the parents must communicate in a manner that facilitates agreement over disagreement or the judge will violate their parental rights.

Many people will think this is okay and say that parents can be forced to get along for the sake of the child. However, the government simply has no authority to limit your speech simply because the government thinks it is good for your child. Your right to disagree with the other parent and even to intentionally communicate in a way that offends the other parent is much more important than anyone’s opinion about what is best for a child.

In fact, the First Amendment is specifically intended to protect offensive speech and may best serve its purpose when it stirs people to anger. The Supreme Court has articulated its precedent in this way:

a principal “function of free speech under our system of government is to invite dispute. It may indeed best serve its high purpose when it induces a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are, or even stirs people to anger.” Texas v. Johnson, 491 US 397, 408, 409 (Supreme Court 1989)

While family law judges may desperately want to act as super-parents and may decide that your disagreements with your ex are a good reason for the judge to take over the role of super-parent, that judge is violating the First Amendment when he or she does so. The government and all of its actors are simply prohibited from taking action against you in any way for your protected speech, specifically including your speech uttered in disagreement with others, even to the other parent or children.

When your judge tells you that you have to get along with your ex if you want to keep your parental rights, you need to tell your judge to go take a flying leap. Any judge who tells you any such thing is a judge who is violating their Article VI oath to the constitution and they should be publicly shamed for their failure to keep their oaths. These oath breakers can only continue if we let them. It is up to you to hold them up for public shame.

These judges deserve no respect. They deserve no deference. And, in my opinion, they should face criminal punishment for their blatant violation of your civil rights. Their opinion regarding how you legally raise your children is worth nothing at all and cannot justify their breaking their oaths. You can read more about how judges break their oaths and what you can do about it in our book, “Oath Breakers – Lies Family Courts Tell,” and learn how to stand up to these abusive judges.

If you find yourself in a courtroom with a judge who is insisting on applying their idea of “best interest of the child,” this judge is violating your rights. Learn how best interest is nothing more than an opinion and violates your First Amendment rights by getting a membership here.

You should not have to go through traumatic litigation just to keep rights you had before you entered into the divorce or custody proceedings. Learn how to ask your judge to respect your rights and protect you from unnecessary and burdensome high conflict litigation, and for a parenting plan that protects you to the maximum time with your child. For a small contribution, we provide you with the latest discoveries and simplified ways to argue these ideas to your trial court. No statutes can give the judge unconstitutional power, not even best interest of the child statutes. If you have a judge that is using a “best interest of the child” excuse to abuse his authority, and if you are trying to make a constitutional challenge on best interest of the child, we can help you here.

Your judge is there to protect your rights not elevate the other parent’s complaints and lies. In fact, you shouldn’t even be bothered by anything less than a complaint sufficient to invoke an adjudicatory hearing on your fitness as a parent, but attorneys and judges deny this to parents like you every day. Learn the truth about your rights and the secrets your attorney is trying to keep from you. Your judge is taking advantage of the vulnerable position you are in. Just because your relationship has failed and you and the other parent are breaking up and disagree about how much possession time each of you will have, doesn’t justify the judge forcing their opinion and beliefs about what is best for your child onto you. But they do this every day to parents and children throughout the United States. And they will keep doing this until you learn how to stop judges from imposing their viewpoint onto you. If you don’t want your ex and the judge to micro manage your life, put gag orders on you and tell you what you can and cannot share with your child, you will need to learn to see the problems, understand how your rights apply, and what to use to end the court battles faster in this membership site.

You will be protecting your children from having to go through this with their children.

If you are a victim of a family court judge making orders based on lies and complaints not sufficient to infringe your parental rights, get a membership ? here ? and get in touch with us so that we can help you find the information you need to preserve your right to challenge that judge. The best interest statute is unconstitutional. You might be told that your state statute has been tried and tested and found to be constitutional. Lots of things were found to be constitutional that have been overturned today, school segregation, slavery, unequal treatment of women. The best interest of the child bias can be fought and won too.

Parents are starting to learn that their rights give them the right to tell the judge “no” and are getting judges overturned all over this country. Parents are getting judges slapped down for playing super parent and for violating free speech. You can be one of these parents too if you start fighting back the right way today. You just have to stop buying into your attorneys fears and lies. Yes, it is scary to stand up to someone who is threatening to use their power to take your child. Yes, it is scary to stand up to someone who can punish you even though you have done nothing wrong and never committed a crime. Yes they can make you feel like crap and humiliate you, put things out there that can ruin careers and destroy your character. These are all tactics used by terrorists, bullies, gang members, and mafia. And the way you defeat bad actors like this is to be brave and use the power that you were given, your rights. Your rights are intended to protect you from these actors. But you cannot receive this protection if you remain too afraid to use your rights. We teach you how here.

There is still a long way to go because parents have been complacent for so long. There is a lot of bad precedent out there that has to be overturned. But it is not impossible to do. We give you the cases that are cracking that barrier in the membership area. Can you afford to keep waiting? Can you afford to take chances anymore? Has what your attorney said to do cost you far too much already? If you answered “yes” toany of these then you qualify to become a member. ?

Learn about case law that attorneys have been ignoring for so long that it got buried and not used. Caselaw is used to battle civil rights violations.? Make no mistake forcing you into adversarial litigation over a judge’s opinion of what is best for your child before constitutionally adequate procedures that protect from these biases are employed, are civil rights violations.? We not only help you dig up ⛏ the cases  that bring your rights back to life we help you understand how you can argue your rights. ✏ Bring your rights back to life and you get control of your life back. Let your rights serve you as they were intended to do. ?

It took 100 years to overturn Plessy v. Ferguson, but it got done in Brown v. Education, because the people continued to fight back. Stop paying for lies ? and and start demanding protection of who you are and who you want to be  Get started today ?on a new way to fight in the family courts. Your first step to getting justice ⚖ is getting this membership ? and then get in touch with us?so that we can help you make sense of what is happening and help you focus on what will help you now. Let us help you out of this mess? that your attorney facilitated, and your ex created. Let’s get started with getting your life back on track? in this new year.? We have created? the path, you just have to get started. Let us help you take that first step ? today. You will have less stress and less anxiety when you have the right plan for you. Treat yourself to a membership today and reach a better tomorrow where you don’t have to spend every day reviewing court filings and orders, where you can get free of the family court confusion, free of getting dragged down by a narcissitic or abusive ex, the nagging ex, free of the control and interference of a judge, free from attorneys, Guardian ad litems, Amicus, and free from other court-appointed experts telling you how to live your life. You have fallen into the machinations of the state machinery. Let’s help you see what is really happening so you can live a better life even if that life means fighting them for a bit longer, you will be so empowered knowing that you are fighting with the most powerful tools available.

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