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I had another hearing today on different issues with my own case. This time it was about the Judge having to decide between appointing a GAL or Interviewing the children in private chambers. I opposed to both of them. I won. Saved $15k to $30k of dollars and 6 to 8 months delay in my case. Both were denied. Heavenly Father help me bit the same attorney again as pro-se.
How did I do it? Stick to the constitutional rights you and your children already have. Why people keep waiving them? That’s insane.

Thank you Ron and Sherry!!!! — Father in Florida, July 2020


A must read. And I bought the motions package. I “won” a two-day hearing as a pro-se. – Father in California 2019

“I read your book, fired my attorney and won my custody case against a corrupt judicial district, lawless county sheriff’s department and a group of crooked lawyers. Nobody believed in me except me. Your book is worth hundreds of dollars!”

– Mother in Kansas, July 2018

I felt like I had a voice and I could choose to say no if needed. . . . now I feel like we have a much better position to work on our new strategy. My son’s dad even let him call me later that day for the first time in years.” – Mother in Texas

The knowledge that there is a path forward gave me the confidence to go there more calm. $400/hr attorney beat by a pro per . . . . Sherry and Ron’s material helps you shift to a more favorable arena. It has shifted my entire outlook and perspective. I now walk into court more calm and confident. I think that new attitude is helping turn the tide.” ~ Dad in California


Hi Sherry

I wanted to give you the update about what happened in court yesterday.

In my lawyers meeting I had told her some of what we talked about and told her I didn’t want an attorney ad litem and wanted to back out a bit as I didn’t see anything we were doing going in a good direction. I said I wanted to work things from a different angle and she was open to working with you….She (the judge) said we didn’t need attoney (sic) ad litem for now! We went through some other issues and finalized them..She seemed happier with me and irritated by his argumentative attitude.  All in all a small step forward but more importantly it was not a step back….So now I feel like we have a much better position to work on our new strategy. My son’s dad even let him call me later that day for the first time in years…Thanks you so much for speaking to me the other day. I think it was the first time in court I felt like I had a voice and I could choose to say no if needed.~ (emphasis added)

Parent in Texas (mother) ~ June 2017

“Your help in court gained me the right to see all of my children and, while it is far from perfect, you gave me the strength and knowledge to at least fight for our rights. For that, I will forever be grateful.”

Parent in Chicago, Illinois (mother) — December 25, 2016


“I’m grateful for the guidance of Ron and Sherry Palmer for giving me the push. Many of us would not be where we are if it were not for them.”

MS – Connecticut (mother) — January 8, 2017


“I am FLOORED by how good this PFR course is.  OMG, Sherry, Ron, my hat goes off to you both. Wow . . .”

Parent in Texas taking the online “Protecting Family Rights” class. Comment received via e-mail on October 2, 2016


“You’re better off without a lawyer. Unfortunately, no one is going to care about your case like you will. Ron and Sherry’s materials have cut out hours of research and second guessing. My kids and I are extremely grateful. As a Constitutionalist I recommend them highly.

Also, we used the in Re: Sanders case in my recent custody battle. The judge accepted it into our motion, my custody was reinstated back to its original order after it had been suspended due to a psychological evaluation, although I had complied and taken it a month earlier. Thank you for your videos and info. They are extremely helpful in my case as I’m acting pro se.”

RP – Missouri (father) — December 7, 2016


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