Daily Tool: Basics for Framing Your Case when there is Parental Alienation

By: Sherry Palmer | January 30, 2015 | Last modified August 14, 2021

TOOL OF THE DAY: Basics for Framing Your Case and Preserving Error when there is Parental Alienation

CATEGORY: Family Law

It shocks me that parents have been so passive for so long about a court ripping your child from you. If parents knew what to do, I don’t think that they would be such easy prey.

We go to other countries to educate them on how AIDS is spread and other diseases. We go to countries where there are violations of human rights and we teach them that they have rights and to fight for them. We are not educating Americans in our own country on how they lose their rights to their children.

Just like any other predator. If there is a chance to take advantage of someone’s vulnerabilities, there is generally someone waiting there to capitalize on that opportunity.

Watch the following video clip and learn more about what you can do when a parent artificially creates a disruption in your relationship with your child (parental alienation), or prevents one from ever forming (withholds the child after you have established paternity), understand the basics behind framing your case (read the slides in the presentation for these details), and know what to expect when you face abuse of power.

Watch this video clip from one of our labs and see how you can help yourself not be such easy prey:

If you want to learn more about your rights, keep coming back to this blog as we are going to be posting more clips from course lectures, labs, webinars, and other events.

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Read our book for citations of specific cases that you can use in your arguments to the court when you are arguing for the proper protection of your family rights.

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