Two Bills with Death Threats – Equal Parenting Bill and Abortion Bill – Guess Which One is Still Moving Forward?

By: Sherry Palmer | March 23, 2017 | Last modified March 23, 2017

Texas Representative Tony Tinderholt, is sponsoring a controversial pro-life bill 948 with real death threats. And even though he and his wife and baby have to have police protection! The Blaze and the Dallas Morning News reports that “In spite of the threats, Tinderholt intends to continue fighting for his bill.”

So questions have been stirring about why isn’t the equal parenting bill moving forward? The bill that Representative James White has sponsored has not been heard for public testimony in the Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee yet and no one seems to have an answer why. The lobbyists, Steve and Amy Bresnen have claimed that there have been death threats. However, Frank Bustoz has posted evidence that no investigations are currently ongoing regarding any death threats. And it has been reported that White’s office has been informed of the Department of Public Safety’s report that there is no pending investigation.

Whether the equal parenting bill will move forward or not is unknown at this time. In the meantime, the bill making it illegal to get an abortion continues to make it’s way through the process.



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